A Happy New Year!!

A Happy New Year!!

Today is the first working day of Year2019. I think you had a happy new year days. We will focus on the European businesses this year too. I wish that we could cooperate with you soon.

Real Estate in Kyoto, Japan for sale

The seller is looking for a buyer for his real estate  for shop and offices in Kyoto, Japan.

The land is about 223 m2 and the total floor area is about 876m2.

The location is the center of Kyoto near Keihan Gion Shijyo Station.

If you are interested in it, please contact us any time.

Silica Sand

The buyer of silica sand from Malaysia has been found. Therefore we have deleted this page.

The shrimp farm can offer smaller quantity for exporting shrimps than 1250 ton/month. If you are interested in the small quantity, please feel free to contact us with your idea for required quantity.

Sales of used Cell and Module lines for Solar Panel

New business chance !!

Recently, a Japanese company announced to sell whole used equipment for Cell Line and Module Line of solar panels with their technology transfer.

We are now collecting the detail information for those lines now.  If you are interested in this deal. please contact us anytime. We will send you more information.

Normal Procedure

Our normal procedure is as follows.

(1) Abstract of our new offer is described in this web site.

(2) Investor or buyer review it, then contact us if he/she is interested in it to get more information.

(3) We will reply for your questions including the rough idea about the investment amount.

(4) When you are still interested in it, NDA, No Disclosure Agreement, is prepared.

(5) After signing on it, you can get all the information you need during the negotiations.  Of course, we will arrange the meeting for both parties first.

(6) You can review all the information you get.

(7) After the final decision by you and it is positive, you sign on AGREEMENT for the deal, then you pay for the agreed amount.

Normally it takes about 1 to 2 months.  But if the deal is big, it may take more time.


Blog of JMS has been started.

We have just started our Blogs.

Our idea for our offers or some additional information will be described here.  It will help you to understand our offers more and it will make your decision easier to contact to us.